Shipping/Delivery Costs

Ah, the challenge of getting sugar cookies from Point A to Point B in one piece.  It's a science!!

Generally, each cookie over 2" needs to be individually wrapped in either cling wrap or a treat bag to insure freshness and avoid damage collision with neighboring cookies.  There's also a ziploc bag or two, bubble wrap, TWO boxes (one for the cookies, one for shipping), and lots of padding in between - usually peanuts.  I've learned the hard way that trying to "save money" with regards to shipping usually results in broken cookies :(  Sadly, no matter how many times the word "FRAGILE" is stamped in red ink on the package, sometimes some cookies just don't survive the shipping process.

I have found that USPS Priority Shipping is the least expensive option for the delivery time, and they provide their shipping boxes at no charge - which is a plus!  I pay for my shipping online, which also saves $. 

My shipping costs generally reflect:
  • ANY NECESSARY PADDING (peanuts, tissue paper, bubble wrap)
LOCAL PICK-UP AND DELIVERY:  If you're lucky enough to live in the San Antonio area, you can pick-up your order for absolutely free!!  If you'd like your baked goods delivered, I charge $1 per mile, based on calculations through Google Maps.