The price of my cookies is based on size, weight, and detail involved. It takes quite a bit of time and a steady hand to make a pretty cookie.  In addition, I use the freshest and finest ingredients, including real sweet cream butter, fresh eggs and real flavorings.   I think you'll find my cost is less than your neighborhood bakery or online retailer. Here is a general breakdown:  (The following prices are estimations, for more specific prices on particular designs or custom orders - please contact me at

Basic Single Cookie Favors, 3-5":  
One shape, 1-3 icing colors, sanding sugar or non-pareils (optional).  Each cookie is wrapped in cellophane bag and tied with a ribbon.  1 dozen minimum.

Deluxe Single Cookie Favors, 3-5"
$2.75 - 3.00
One or more shapes,  3+ icing colors, any edible decorations 
  • sanding sugar
  • non-pareils
  • sprinkles
  • jimmies
  • fondant
  • dragees
  • glitter
    Each cookie is wrapped in a cellophane bag and tied with a ribbon.

    Small Dozen (2-3")
    $12 one design

    $14 multi design


    Minis (1-2")
    $14 per 8 oz. bag
    (about 2-3 dozen)

    Mini Cookie Favors
    $1.75 each

    Includes 5 cookies, small treat bag, ribbon.  Personalized tags 25 cents extra per bag.

    Cookie Platter (Local Pickup Only): Cookies arranged on a poly/plastic reusable platter, wrapped in cellophane and decorative ribbon:

    1 Dozen, 1 Design, Basic (up to 3 colors): $28
    1 Dozen, Multi Design, Basic: $32
    1 Dozen Deluxe (3+ colors, edible decorations): $36
    1 Dozen Deluxe Multi: $40

    I have set up an Etsy Shop, which gives an idea of the different shapes, sizes, and prices for cookies. I ship too!